After Sales Support

After Sales Support

After Sales Service

After supplying Dembla products we are committed to our customers globally to provide access to quality services and support in terms of Desk support, technical guidance, availability of spares and expert visits on site. Dembla always tries to be in touch with customers and takes its role as a supplier very seriously so that customer should be at peace.

Warranty Support

Dembla’s standard warranty on all products is 18 months from date of dispatch or 12 months from installation which ever is earlier. Products found defective under warranty period are returned to Dembla Factory for repair or replacement or service engineer is deputed at site to rectify the same at site.

Desk Support

Desk support through telephone, fax and emails are available between 9.30 – 6.00 pm (India  & U.S.A Time), Monday to Saturday (Except Holidays). This service provides technical assistance to customers for basic function of valves, normal trouble shooting, installation assistance, spares & warranty support.

Emergency Call Support

Dembla service personnel are ever ready to attend to any emergency call throughout the year to bring solution & support to customers when he is in need.

Spares Support

Dembla tries to ship the required spares for any Dembla products within shortest possible time once customer provide the details of valve Sr. No.

Customer care E-mail ID :-

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