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Clearance type butterfly valve-Serirs-7100

Clearance type butterfly valve

Series - 7100

Series 7100 are basically seatless Butterfly valves. The valves are used For applications where leakage is Acceptable. They require substantially Reduced operating torques due to Absence of seat and therefore remain Very effective for control applications. These valves are well suited for high Temperature and low pressure Applications. They are even suitable For regulating services in high 0 Temperature gas lines up to +800oc

Size & Rating

PN 6

100 Inch

DN 2500

PN 10

80 Inch

DN 2000

PN 16

40 Inch

DN 1000

PN 25

24 Inch

DN 600


40 Inch

DN 1000


30 Inch

DN 750


Light as well as rugged design to suit specific applications.

Valves for Extreme high working temperatures up to 900°C are provided.

Fabricated valves with varying face to face dimensions can be made available in consultation with our design & development department.

Centric disc design

Wafer and Double flanged end connection

Blowout proof stem design





BS-5155 /API-609/ Manufacturer std


BS-6755 part-1 / API-598/ANSI-FCI-70-2

End Connection

FLANGE/WAFER-B16.5,B16.47, EN1092-1



A 216 Gr. WCB, A217 Gr. WC9, IS 2062 Gr. B


A351 Gr. CF8M, A351 Gr. HK40

General Specifications


DN 500 Thru DN 3200

20" Thru 128"

Pressure Class

PN2.5, PN6, PN10,

PN16, 150#, #300

Working Temperature

20oC to +800oC

End Connection

Wafer, Flanged

Face to Face

EN 558-1, API 609

Flange Dimension

DIN EN 1092-1,

ANSI B16.5

ANSI B16.47


Pneumatic Actuators

Manual Gear Operators

Electrical Actuators

Application Industries

Clearance type butterfly valve application

Metal & Steel

Global Presence of Dembla

Dembla is one of the major Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Clearance Type Seatless Butterfly Valve - Series 7100 in Italy, Iraq, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, USA, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Austria, Africa, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, UK and across the Entire Globe.

Our Manufacturing set up is situated at Bhiwandi, Thane - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.